In Abia, borehole operators use juju to attract customers. We found live tortoise, charms inside water tanks’

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• ‘We found live tortoise, charms inside water tanks’


This might be hard to believe, but it’s the reality. Operators of commercial water boreholes in Abia State do embark on fetish rituals and sacrifices to draw customers to themselves and make more money than their colleagues.

In so doing, they put the lives of their customers in danger by hiding charms, amulets and even live animals in their tanks so that water drinkers will always want to buy water from their pumps.

This secret was revealed by members of the Borehole Association of Nigeria, after they carried out a washing exercise on water tanks of commercial borehole operators in Aba and Umuahia.

They said that most terminal diseases that attack organs of the body and kill their victims come from such water that has been contaminated right from its source of supply. Chairman of the association, Chief Sunday O. Samson, who spoke on behalf of other members, regretted that water, which should have been the safest liquid to be taken by human beings, has become a source of death. “Water is one of the most essential nutrients of the human body.

It is also considered to be the safest among the liquid intake into the human body system as it lubricates the body system, washes and evacuates unwanted dangerous particles that can pose as health hazards to the body. But it has become dangerous to man.

“We discovered during the recent washing of some tanks that commercial borehole operators, who want to make money at all cost are the ones causing most of the deaths that should have been avoided.” The chairman, who spoke while in company of other members, said that they discovered charms, sacrifices and even tortoise, suspected to have been used for rituals, swimming inside the tanks of some of the commercial borehole operators, whom they suspect must have done this to attract patronage.

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He lined up different bottles of colour water, which he said were samples of water discovered in the boreholes of some influential men in Aba, Abia state. “These are samples of the water we got from the tanks of big men in this state, people whose tanks we washed.

These types of water contain different types of sicknesses and diseases. Some of the people who own those tanks that we washed, we discovered that they have charms and amulets inside their tanks so that once somebody fetches water from that tank, the person will surely come back to them on regular basis. Some of them, we found tortoise swimming inside their tanks and from such tanks, water is sold to the public.

When you innocently take such water, you would not know that you are contacting some dangerous and incurable disease. Many people have died through their water intake. Some of the people even tried to bribe us so that we will not wash their tanks because they know what is inside.

Besides killing innocent people, they also covet the luck of people through their evil endeavours. You see somebody who said that he is selling water only building three storey buildings as well as doing some other things that are amazing to people. Once people drink water from their borehole, they covet the destinies of such people and money will keep coming to them.”

They called on the state government to put a measure through which such people will be checked in order to save the lives of innocent citizens. “We are professionals in the field and we can drill water to the depth of about two to three hundred feet, but government prefers giving jobs to non-professionals who will take greater chunks of the money and only bring out peanuts to do a bad job.

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That is why you will see a borehole that will produce water after it was sunk and within two weeks to one month, it dries up. It is the handiwork of quacks who can dig twenty to thirty feet only for the water to run for two days and dry up. Borehole business should be organized in such a way that before any borehole is sunk, government should be aware of it to make sure that the right thing is done.

We have made several efforts to see the governor of the state to explain that things are not being done the right way in this state to no avail. Civil servants are the ones that hijack borehole donations made by the federal government to the communities and they would embark on a job that would not stand the test of time. That is the reason you can see a borehole that will run for only one week and go dry.

We are calling on the federal government to intervene on our behalf so that the job of borehole drilling goes straight to the professionals. “Consumers out there don’t understand what they are drinking. If they do, they will revolt against the system because it is like feeding a people with poison. The only intention of commercial borehole owners is to make money. So, instead of giving their job to a professional, they give it to quacks who would get any type of water for them to sell.

“We in the association have whatever it takes to sink a good borehole. We have the technical know-how, the experience and the equipment. Everybody should not be a doctor and a lawyer. We have electricians in our midst, welders, fitters, mechanics, fabricators, just name them.

So when we encounter any problem, we find solution to it in our midst. Government should help us to intervene and sanitize the system so that things can move forward. “Some of the substandard materials they bring in from China can be manufactured here with good standard.

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Government should help us to ensure that water sanitation industry works here. What the people are drinking here is stagnant water. A borehole should be washed and serviced regularly, but this is not the case with us here. The water sector in Abia needs to be sanitized.

Those who don’t know anything about water are the ones that defraud the federal government of billions of naira without result. “A lot of boreholes that are sunk close to sewage system should be closed. The water industry should be sanitized. Drilling jobs should be released to the professionals.

MDG, NDDC, European Union programmes are not working because once a borehole is sunk, there is no more maintenance. Millions are mapped out for the job and a paltry sum used for it.” The task Force chairman, Chief John Okafor said: “We made some dangerous discoveries in the course of washing or maintaining people s boreholes. Some have charms inside their tanks, some have tortoise inside, while some attempted to bribe us not to wash their tank so as not to see what they have in there.

It is happening here in Aba,” he said. Other members of the Association who were in the meeting included the secretary, Young Ewuzie, financial secretary, Mazi Richard Igwe, Secondus IhekweremeIkechi Chigozie Okeugo, Elder Charles Edokam, Elder Mmecha Okoronkwo and Emma Onuoha, their coordinator.

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