June 12 is dead , says Bashir Tofa

KANO -Former Presidential candidate of the defunct National Republican convention, NRC,  Alhaji Bashir Usman Tofa has described the events of June 12 as fiction, saying those still celebrating ‘the dead issue are riffraff who have nothing to with their time.’

Addressing reporters in Kano, yesterday, the earthswhile NRC stalwart who was irked by the question on why he seldom speaks about June 12 considered by many as a pan-Nigerian mandate, said… ‘ it is for those who don’t have anything to offer this country to move forward can still be talking about June 12 presidential election’.

The interview took place at his multi million naira Ruqqayya House office located at Hotoro GRA by Maiduguri road.

The Kano born politician who ran with the presumed winner of June 12 Presidential election, Chief Moshood Abiola  in 1993 that was subsequently  annulled by Ibrahim Badamosi Babagida led military junta stressed ‘I am not one of those people that celebrate fiction, that is the more reason why I don’t like to be talking again on June 12 presidential election’’

Nigeria degenerated into political turmoil in 1993 when the military led junta under the leadership of Mina born infantry General annulled the Presidential  election presumable won by his elsewhile bosom friend,  late Chief Moshood Kashimawo Olawale Abiola in an election adjudged by both local and international observers as the freest and fairest in Nigeria chequered history.

Bashir Tofa showing no sign of remorse over his comment on June 12 further declared that ‘if you have learnt any lesson out of it good , if you have not, keep quiet , let this country make progress, but for one to still be talking about something that occurred 20 years ago is colossal waste of time’’.

Tofa who could not betrayed his anger during the interactive session maintained that ‘we have more problems than to be talking about this nonsense, we want this country to survive and people were still talking about June 12 ‘.

Tofa had earlier asked reporters not to mention June 12 as a prerequisite for the interview said ‘people who have nothing to offer this country or have nothing better to say , can go on talking about June 12 , because they have nothing else to say to help this country move forward’.

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