Landlord wants tenant to quit for owing N4,000

A landlord has asked his tenant to vacate a one-room apartment at Apata area of Lagos for owing a two-month arrears of N4,000.

The matter was brought before a magistrate of the Chief Magistrate’s court, Yaba by the landlord, Rt. Rev G.A Bangbose.

The defendant, Mr. Akin Aderinbole, however told the court he was not aware of any arrears as he had paid all his rent to the landlord.

He however asked for a one year rent-free period to enable him to look for another room.

After some consultation with his counsel, the landlord agreed to give Aderinbole a six-month rent-free period which did not go down well with the defendant.

The magistrate,  Mrs. Folarin Williams, told Aderinbole that if he disagreed with the six-month deal, he would have to be placed on trial.

In response, he said, “Please my lord, who is to be placed on trial and for what offence?”

After some explanations by the court clerk in Yoruba, he agreed to a trial.

The plaintiff is also asking the court to reclaim the room from Aderinbole on the grounds of ‘personal use, substantial repairs and nuisance’

The case was adjourned till May 28.


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