Love turned sour: Girl sets soldier ablaze in Abia

A soldier attached to the Ndiolumbe, Isiala Ngwa South Local Government Area of Abia State Forward Operation Base (FOB) of the 245 Battalion was at the weekend burnt to death by his girl friend. Our correspondent gathered that the deceased soldier, whose identity could not be immediately ascertained and who was recently posted to the area had fallen in love with a girl whose name the army had refused to disclose.

In the course of their relationship, the soldier lover was reported to have promised his girlfriend he would marry her and things moved on well for the two love birds. However, trouble started when after a while, the soldier allegedly got his lover impregnated and instead of standing on his earlier promise to marry her, he reneged.

The refusal to keep to the promise by the soldier was said to have infuriated the girl, who swore to deal with him. After a while, the soldier was said to have gone back to his girlfriend and pleaded that they should put the past behind for the relationship to continue but without making any commitment to the earlier promise of marriage, which was paramount to the girl.

The girl reportedly agreed to the soldier’s peace mission to use the opportunity to deal with the lover boy. Daily Sun learnt that after it appeared that frayed nerves had calmed and peace made, the girl invited her lover over. An elated soldier jumped to the offer and a day was fixed but he never knew he had signed his death warrant.

The soldier was said to have visited on the appointed date. But before his visit, the girl had already bought some litres of fuel and hid it in a corner of her room. Having pretended to be happy with her lover, the soldier after sometime was said to have slept off, the girl used the opportunity to empty the gallon of fuel on the soldier and before he could know what was happening, she set him ablaze. It was not clear whether the soldier, who had been confirmed dead, died immediately or later at the hospital and it was equally not clear if the assailant had been arrested or was on the run.

Army authorities in the state appeared to be keeping the incident secret as none of the officers contacted including one captain Nkanang, who oversees the Ohanze FOB where Ndiolumbe falls, was ready to speak on the development.


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