Man plucks rival’s eye over paternity of a child

fightWhen Idris Alamu had his first child six years ago, he probably did not know that he had just embarked on a journey that would cost him an eye

Hell was let loose recently at Joga town, in Yewa North Local Government Area of Ogun State when two men engaged in fierce fight over the paternity of a six year old boy.

The two men were said to have inflicted deep cuts on each other during the fight which led to one of them losing his sight. It was reported that Idris Alamu, 38, a native of Odeda Local Government Area of Ogun State has been married to Florence Alamu in the last seven years and their marriage was blessed with Toib, 6, and Hadiza, 3. But before Omolara married Idris, she was reportedly married to one Yakubu Koku, a native of Port Novo, in the Republic of Benin.

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It was learnt that Florence had been separated from her first husband before she moved into Idris’ house. Several months after moving into Idris’ house, Florence reportedly gave birth to her first child, and current subject of dispute between the two men, Toib.

In the last six years that the husband and wife had been living together, there was no cause for worry about the paternity of Toib until recently when Yakubu came with two elders from his village to confront his former wife about Toib, claiming the boy is his son. Neighbours of the Alamus told reporters that sometime in August 2013, Yakubu was in the area to ask Florence to allow him take his own son.

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The woman was said to have warned Yakubu to desist from such request as the boy was not his. Yakubu reportedly returned again that same month demanding that the boy be released to him. But during those two periods, Idris, an inter-state commercial driver, was away.

However, on Sunday, October 20, 2013, Yakubu again surfaced at the Joga home of the Alamus. Yakubu knocked at the doors of the couple while they were having their breakfast. Apparently thinking the person at the entrance of the room was his friend, Idris reportedly left his food and walked to the door to open the door for the visitor. Idris who was reported to have always been briefed by Florence every time Yakubu came to demand for Toib, was shocked to the marrow to discover that the man who had been laying claim to his son was the one at the door.

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A neighbour, who spoke to Saturday Mirror on condition of anonymity claimed that Yakubu was unruly and without exchanging pleasantry with Idris, he started raining abuses on Idris. “It was the voice of the man that made me rise from my bed. I initially did not want to come out, thinking it was a mere exchange of words between co-tenants.

“But it was my son that ran into our room to inform me of the development. By the time I put on a shirt to come out, the two men had dragged each other into Mr. Alamu’s house and had started fighting, “the neighbour added. He also claimed that while the Idris held Yakubu’s cloths and shouting at the top of his voice, the latter allegedly grabbed a knife the Alamus were using on the margarine they were using on the loafs of bread on the table.

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It was reported that while the two men engaged in a fight, Yakubu grabbed the knife on the table and aimed it at Idris’ eye. As the knife caught Idris in the eye, he reportedly let go off the cloth of Yakubu and collapsed into the single sofa in the living room.

Florence, immediately reportedly picked up a stool and threw it at Yakubu while neighbours rushed into the living room to pick Idris from the floor. Bleeding profusely, Idris was reportedly rushed out of the house to a clinic close by.

He is said to have been transferred to Abeokuta for further treatment. Yakubu and the two people that came with him reportedly took to their heels upon seeing the damaged he caused. He, however, did not succeed in taking Toib with him.

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According to Florence, who managed to speak on the issue, “The man is just a trouble maker. He claimed Toib is his son and the question you ask him is that when did I leave him and when did I have Toib. I was never pregnant for him so how would he come now to say our son is his?”


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