Officials of Kick Against Discipline (KAI) seizes 150 rams, steals 15

Officials of the Lagos State Kick against Indiscipline have been accused of withholding 15 of 150 rams, seized from ram dealers at Ijora Olopa, Lagos State.

The chairman of ram dealers, Alhaji Musa Sokoto, who spoke with PUNCH metro on Thursday, said the officials seized the rams on Sunday Morning without giving any reason for the action.

Sokoto said, “It was around 10.30 am when KAI officials raided our camp. They took 150 of our rams without telling us exactly what our offences were. The government did not warn us or say anything before that time.

“We could not challenge them, because they came with riot policemen.

“We were told that if we wanted to take back our rams, we should come to their office at Alausa and that we would pay N800 for each ram.” Each ram is said to cost between N16,000 and N18000.

Sokoto said he led some of his colleagues to the secretariat and pleaded  for the rams to be released.

He however said all their appeals fell on deaf ears, as they insisted they must pay for each ram.

“We had to pay the money, but we could not get all our rams back. We were only able to get 135 back; the rest, we don’t know what happened to them,” Sokoto added.

When the Public Relations Officer of KAI, Mr. Tunde Olusesi, was contacted, he declined to comment.




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