one dies, 16 others suffocated at a church service in Abia

one dies, 16 others suffocated at a church service in Abia

About 16 persons on Saturday reportedly suffocated after they allegedly inhaled generator fume at an inter-denominational fellowship (Young Peoples Christian Fellowship) in Aba, Abia State.

Death at church in AbiaIt was learnt that out of the 16 persons inside the hall of the fellowship, 15 who were in various hospitals receiving medical attention are responding positively to medical attention.

A six years old boy child of one of the victims was already dead before police could gain entrance into the scene of incident.

11 persons are currently receiving medical attention at Austine Grace Hospitals while four are also on admission at Goodness and Mercies hospital at Faulks road Aba, Abia State.

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Dr. Mark Iwuagwu, a medical doctor at one of the hospitals where the victims were rushed to for medical attention while speaking to reporters at the end of the Abia State Deputy Governor’s visit to his hospital attributed the cause of the incident to the carbon mono-oxide poison they inhaled from a generator outside the hall where the service was hosted.

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