Police kill 2 as others jump into lagoon in Ikorodu road

Pandemonium is currently reigning at Thomas Bus stop, Ajegunle on Ikorodu Road as three young men are feared to have been shot dead by policemen from the Ajegunle Police Station.

Mohammed AbubakarPolice IG - Police kill 2 as others jump into lagoon in Ikorodu roadIt was learnt that the men were among some residents of the area, who were protesting against the killing of two young men in the same area by policemen on Friday.

Policemen were said to have pursued four men, who jumped into the lagoon, but policemen reportedly opened fire on them, killing two instantly. Two lucky ones managed to escape.

The security operatives alleged that the men, who were bus drivers, were in possession of, smoking or selling marijuana (Indian Hemp).

On Saturday, some aggrieved young men in the area, however, began a protest against the killing, while some policemen reportedly opened live bullet on them killing three youths instantly.

The booming of guns could still be heard as of the time of filing this report while the two lanes of the expressway have been blocked to both human and vehicular traffic.

A source told our correspondent that the casualty figure could still be higher as the policemen continued their manhunt for some suspected hoodlums.

The Mile 12-Ikorodu area had recently become a theartre  of war between two cult groups, resulting in the death of some residents while several vehicles and personal belongings of the beleaguered residents had been destroyed.

2 Responses to "Police kill 2 as others jump into lagoon in Ikorodu road"

  1. ufuah,+onehi   July 13, 2014 at 2:41 am

    What rights do Nigerian have these days? That police officers could just shoot a defenseless citizens who didn’t pose any danger to them is very frightening. Do these officers have any rule of engagement? Are they well trained or the IG has used the budget meant for the training of his officers for his personal gain: this behavior is now common place among serving nigerian individual’s especially public officers.

  2. Frank Momoh Eruaga
    Frank Momoh Eruaga   July 12, 2014 at 11:38 pm



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