Pupil threatens to ‘gun down’ teacher, nabbed

THE teacher-pupil relationship turned ugly, if not comical, when an 18-year-old boy of Chikola High School threatened to shoot his teacher with a toy gun.

Police in Chingola have since arrested the pupil while his accomplice is on the run.

Copperbelt police commissioner Mary Tembo said Henry Kumwenda, a teacher at Chikola High School, reported Mambwe Mwambwe of house number 55 Kafue to police for threatening violence.

“We have arrested a pupil at Chikola High School for threatening to kill Mr Kumwenda using a pistol,” she said.
Ms Tembo said after thorough investigations, Mambwe confirmed that he threatened to kill the teacher with a toy gun which he got from the fellow pupil, Brian Katwishi.

And a 19-year-old boy of Kitwe’s Chipata was killed in unclear circumstances.

Ms Tembo, however, said preliminary investigations revealed that Moses Mwelwa was killed by two unknown people using an iron bar and a piece of wood.

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