Refusal to Give Niger Deltans a Fair Share of Resources is Costly to Our Survival – FHRAC

By Ehi Ekhator, Naija Center News

Foundation for Human Rights/Aniti-corruption Crudade (FHRAC) has said that the threat by some Northern delegates at the ongoing National Conference to use the resource control imbragilo to divide the country is callous and mischievous.

This was contained in a statement signed by the National President, Barr. Alaowei Cleric and made available to NAIJA CENTER NEWS, (NCN).

The group said that the threat has further shown that the North particularly the antagonists of resource control struggle did not believe in the principles of true federalism where the federating units will be allowed to explore their economic potentials for the overrall growth of the country.

FHRAC said that denying the Niger Deltans from receiving a fraction from the vast resources the region is generating to the Country is even more gravious and destructive to our corporate existence.

The group lamented that there is no justice in anywhere in the world if the owners of the resources that have being feeding the nation must not be allowed to benefit from their God-given wealth, adding that If given 18% derivations to the economically devastated oil producing communities is what Northern delegates at the conference referred as injustice to them then it is
better we break up than staying under the yoke of Northern hegemony.

The group teased the north that ”when grandnut pyramid was the mainstay of the North they didn’t shared the proceeds with other regions. The Mid-western and the Eastern regions which formed the present Niger Delta region were the poorest regions then but the people did not complained, adding that it was the reason the Niger Delta region which was bulkanized into the two regions was
grossly underdeveloped at the time of independence.

FHRAC also said that the North cannot called Niger Deltans greedy because they’ve been fair enough to share their resources with the rest of the country unlike the 50% derivations the North was receiving from her agricultural produce.

The group added ”There is no point of threatening the foundation of this country because the Northern region benefited from this inaccurate federalism through the instrumentalities of Northern oligarchies’ promulgations than the South. Enough of this oppression.”

BARR. ALAOWEI CLERIC, National President, Foundation for Human Rights/
Anti-corruption Crusade (FHRAC)

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