Save Us From The Acting Rector – Auchi SUG Students

Save Us From The Acting Rector – Auchi SUG Students


Some students of the Auchi Polytechnics, Auchi in Edo State have cried to President Muhammadu Buhari to save them from the hands of what they described as “tyrant leadership” of the acting Rector of the institution, Dr. Sanusi Jimah.

According to the letter which was made available to NAIJA CENTER NEWS, one Oshioke Kadiri who decried the treatment alleged that under the leadership of Dr. Jimah, students fees had been unexpectedly and unnecessarily inflated.

Auchi Poly
Auchi Poly

The students also claimed that they had paid money for students ID and till now, no students were issued any and the school has yet to give account.

Kadiri writes:

“The students of Auchi Polytechnic were made to pay #15,000 as late registration as against #5000 that was paid last year. We all know the present economy situation of the country yet the Acting Rector insisted we pay such an amount which is 200% increment.

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“Staff and students now live and work with fear due to the high handedness, wickedness and power drunkenness of the Acting Rector Dr Sanusi Jimah.

“Increment of acceptance fee, National diploma students normally pay #5000 while Higher National Diploma students pays 7000, but this year they paid #20,000 for National Diploma and 30,000 for Higher National Diploma. Is this not on the high side? This is the major factor that made a lot of people not to accept the admission offered.

“No students’ identity card till now. We all paid #1500 for identity card to the management along side our school fees but till now no students has ID card. This I termed fraud and I
want all anti corruption bodies in Nigeria to investigate this act.

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” Plan to handpicked a stooge as SUG President. The Acting Rector Dr Sanusi Jimah has been projecting one aka Okadigbo to be the SUG president but observing reaction of students towards his stooge he decided not to conduct the SUG election and vow to set up a caretaker committee which is abnormal. He wants to take charge of the Students’ Union Government so he can subject all the students to pains and nobody will be able to stand for the welfare of the students. Is this not a reincarnation of IDI AMIN?

“Financial inducement of the Senate President of Auchi Polytechnic. Information has it that the Senate President has been induce with about N3m to take side with the management of Auchi Polytechnic against the students. This was vividly clear yesterday as we witness his weak or no level of participation in the peaceful protect carried out by students on NO SUG ELECTION, NO EXAM.”

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The students took to the street to protest, few days ago, after the Institution proscribed the Student Union Government, after the election had been postponed on several occasions until it reached the exam period.

The students also narrated the treatment they received for staging a peaceful protest over proscription of the SUG.

“We as students has on several occasions meet with the management to conduct the election which ought to be held at least 2 week after Students week but the management through the electoral committee chair Mr Eribo keep postponing the date for the election until the need to cry out arose.

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“At about 7am on Monday October 9th, the Students gathered at the front of the students affairs division of the Polytechnic to peacefully demonstrate and air their demands when suddenly the Acting Rector Dr Sanusi Jimah brought in Nigeria Army, Police men and vigilante group of Auchi community.

“These security operatives upon the instructions of the Acting Rector, started shooting live bullets, rough handling the students to a point a pregnant female students fainted and was rushed to the hospital.

“The SUG president, Com Samson Okoduwa aka De Entrepreneur was beaten up by soldiers from 195 batallion and was whisked away, till now his whereabout is unknown.

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“The protest was peaceful despite the molestation by the management and some few individual that has long graduated but refused to leave the students struggle (Com Armstrong Afiabor and Ogbonaya Sunday that feeds from Jimah’s table ) we never destroyed any property because we are learned.”


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