Shit Holes Country: Why I Kept Quiet – Buhari tells Trump

It was a dramatic scene today in the United States as the Nigerian President, Muhammadu Buhari and President Donald Trump held a joint conference after an in-house deliberation.

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Shit Holes Country: Why I Kept Quiet – Buhari tells Trump

It was a dramatic scene today in the United States as the Nigerian President, Muhammadu Buhari and President Donald Trump held a joint conference after an in-house deliberation.

During the joint conference in the White House, Buhari commended Trump’s contribution to economic stability and also his assistance in intelligence gathering and collaborations in the fight against terrorism particularly in Nigeria.

It became interesting when the Nigerian President was asked if he discussed with Trump the allegation where the United States President was accused of using a certain derogatory words against Nigeria.

According to the New York Times Report, Donald Trump  had said“Why are we having all these people from shithole countries come here?”. He was referring to Haitians and African countries, particularly Nigeria, according to the report.

Responding, the Nigerian President expressed his doubt over the validity of press, adding that he could only believe what he (Buhari) says.

“Well, i am very careful with what the press says other than myself. I am not sure about the validity or the allegation against the President is true or not, so the best thing for me to do is to keep quiet.” Buhari said.

In a quick cut in, the United States President appreciated his counterpart’s trust, but affirmed that there are some countries that are in “bad shape” and tough to live.

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Donald Trump:  “We didn’t discuss it, we do have some countries that is in a very bad shape and tough places to live in. We didn’t discuss it because the President knows me and he knows where i am coming from.”#


Buhari assured Trump that the country was doing everything to secure the remaining Chibok and Dapchi girls that are still in captivity in the hands of Boko Haram terrorists. He added that his government was doing everything to promote peace between herdsmen and farmers.

“We are doing all we can to secure the remaining abducted school girls of Dapchi and Chibok. In this context we will continue to welcome the United states collaboration intelligence gathering, hostage negotiations and infThe government is taking necessary steps to promote the peaceful co-existence of herdsmen and farmers, by focusing on boosting security and enforcing legislation that will guarantee herders and farmers access to land”


Buhari also thank Trump for his cooperation in tracking down the looted funds which is amounting to half a billion.

“We thanked the US government very much for the cooperation we have received in our effort to recover stolen funds. Our two governments have put the machinery in place for their respective Attorneys-General to collaborate in ensuring the return to Nigeria of over five hundred million United States Dollars ($500) of looted funds siphoned away in banks around the world. In this connection, we congratulated the US government on launching a Kleptocracy Asset Recovery Initiative which was spearheaded by the US Department of Justice (DOJ) Asset Forfeiture and Money Laundering. We hoped that we could continue to count on US support in this area.”

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The Nigerian President got a run for his appreciation when he commented on the presence of the American army in Nigeria. The African President commended the President for his effort to train the Nigerian training institutions and other officers.

The President was responding to journalists when he confirmed the Presence of the American army in Nigeria.

“I can’t understand what you mean by United states presence in my country. They sent a training team based on their experience to train our officers and some of our training institutions and move to the other areas to see how they are performing. i think this is one of the best the United States could do for us to stabilize the country.. “

Clearing his position, Donald Trump without mincing words, tackled the Nigerian President on his expected future expectations. Trump went hard on the Nigerian President that he would focus more on the security of the Americans, adding that whatever the United States contributes to the Nigerian nation must be reciprocated.

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Trump: “We are more and more are not wanting to be the policemen of the world. we spending tremendous amount of money for decades on policing the world and that shouldn’t be our propriety, we want to police ourselves and we want to rebuild our country. and the President understands that, they have come a long way and doing a great job, we contributing to their jobs, what do we want though is to open Nigeria and other countries up to trade because we have spent over the last decades a number that is so large, you wont even believe it, and i think we will be treated in a reciprocal faction now as of today, i think that is what is going to happen and i have great respect for the President.” He checkmate.

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