Inec, Federal Government rigged Ekiti election – Aggrieved stakeholder

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By Ehi Ekhator, Naija Center News

The just concluded election in Ekiti State may have been a successful one in the history of INEC , Nigeria and in the eyes of Nigerians as a whole but not to some stakeholders in the state council who believed the election was hijacked by INEC with the help of the hands from above (Presidency)

Fayose, Bamidele and FayemiAccording to a party source who spoke with NAIJA CENTER NEWS (NCN) and preferred not to be named, said that the Federal Government fooled Nigerians and international observers, he referred to the election as ”scientifically rigged”

The source also revealed that meaningful Ekiti people were not happy over the result, adding that Ayo Fayose, the governor elect was a bad product.

The source said ”free a‎nd fair in the face of it but with deep suspicion of conspiracy at the highest levels of the organizers and the Federal Government.

”Federal government terrorized, intimidated and brutalized Ekiti citizens especially government functionaries, forcefully occupied Government premises etc

”The election was scientifically rigged. Nigerians must know about this to secure future elections and to expose the shenanigans called INEC. An unfair umpire, compromised and a deceitful organization. International observers and voters were fooled and result not meeting the wishes of the people.

”Jubilation were in pockets and represented the minority / thugs in the society. No meaningful Ekitiman was happy. The Governor elect was a bad product ‎with an unrepentant violent antecedents.

”Looking at the polls closely, it is unbelievable that an incumbent performing government will be so thrashed ‎in all the local government areas of the State. It is also recorded that votes from ardent supporters in various parts of Ekiti were not found while counting. For emphasis, 18 members of a family went voting for APC in a particular polling unit and only 7 APC votes were counted. Engr Segun Oni and his family members were not likely to have voted for APC because his wife was sure that the only vote in their polling unit was hers!!! These are sheer unbelievable scenes witnessed at the polls state-wide.

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”I personally suspected the ink and the ballot papers used because I made several efforts trying to thumb print without anything showing. The ink dried up within short moments both on the thumb and on the papers. The papers distributed were serialized and customised for all the units in the state. The expected results were pre determined unit by unit, local government by local government. Mapping of the State must have been done even to the level of knowing the locations and presense of political big fans of the party that must be picked up,  thrashed at the polls or allowed to win some support and all of that transcribed on the ballot papers.

Backing his claim, the source said ”Photochromic materials with embedded and ‘timed’ thumb printed materials must have been used‎. Lets us examine the intensity of the ink on PDP slots and that of APC. Only one ink pad was used by both party supporters in all the units. Theirs looks brighter and sharper and must have been done earlier but only showing up at a pre-determined periods. I also believe that with close forensic examination, nobody will own those fingerprints  and may be the same on all the papers, strategically spreading them across Ekiti land. Against the tenets of fairplay, voters were sent away while counting.

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‘Wither Nigeria?. We are dangerously dangling in trouble with these development. Official fraud perpetrated with officialdom.  The result is a big FRAUD. Nigerians must know.  I am very bitter and ashamed to be a part of this. Moving towards our Doomsday as a nation.”

Another source in the executive who also spoke with Naija Center News said ”The election was free but neither fair nor credible as there is a wide speculation that the election result was scientifically manipulated with the use of photochromic materials.

The source admitted that the state governor has accepted defeat and sent a congratulatory message to the governor elect and  accepted the result if it was the will of the people.

The source said ”Although the incumbent Governor has accepted the defeat and congratulated the winner,he stands in deference to the will of the people if in deed the result is their wish.”

Responding on the issue of contesting the result, the source said ”It is the APC,not Mr Governor that is pushing for contesting the results based on its ability to prove that the results are electronically manipulated.”

According to another source who took part in the election process in the state said ”I suspect the ballot paper had been programmed for the party or candidate that won the election. That election was the fist that inec will fold election paper for the electorate, and minutes after the last voter counting did not start. We must probe into this last election in ekiti because of other elections coming next year.”

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What NAIJA CENTER NEWS (NCN) could not figure out yet is why the state governor,  Dr. Kayode Fayemi decided to concede to a defeat he knew was massively rigged?

It is believed that Election that took place in Ekiti State on the 21 of June is the most free and fair election ever conducted in the history of Nigeria, another part of the history is the state governor, Dr. Fayemi who decided to concede the defeat, making it one of the firsts who has agreed to an election result without tribunal.

Meanwhile, meeting in Abuja last night, party leaders resolved to forge along with the outgoing governor’s decision with a pledge to support him despite what some party apparatchiks claimed were increasing evidence of systematic rigging by the victorious PDP.

“We will not contest the decision,” a party source present at the meeting told newsmen last night”

“We will make a declaration in the next few days,” one of the lawyers involved in the mobilisation of evidence for a possible petition before the party elders took the decision to back Fayemi’s concession of victory.

More revelation is expected on this topic, (To be continued………………….)

View Election Result by INEC

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  2. Osazuwa Eugene Charles   June 25, 2014 at 7:51 pm

    The governor has accepted defect.So, don’t cry louder than the bereaved.

  3. Jeffery Unuigbe Robinson   June 25, 2014 at 7:49 pm

    what a blunder on your post, instead of this is final you went and wrote The is final Fulani, fish brain

  4. Robinson Odigie   June 25, 2014 at 7:47 pm

    The is final

  5. Jeffery Unuigbe   June 25, 2014 at 7:45 pm

    I said this before we are going to court!!

  6. Festus Osaro Fadairo   June 25, 2014 at 7:45 pm

    Pls fayemi, dont take side with these protest, let your previous stand remain. U have been an hero ever since u accepted defeat and congratulated the victor. Let the people leave with fayose for the next 4years.


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