How we made Nyako Adamawa governor – Rep

An elderly member of the House of Representatives from Adamawa State, Mr. Nwangubi Fons, on Sunday recounted how some key leaders of the Peoples Democratic Party brought Governor Murtala Nyako to power in 2007.

Fons disclosed that the leaders, which included himself, were led by Prof. Jibrin Aminu.

He said the 10 leaders had met with former President Olusegun Obasanjo, who they reportedly convinced to endorse Nyako.

Fons represents Mayo-Belwa/Jada/Ganye Federal Constituency of the state, which is Nyako’s constituency.

The embattled governor is from Mayo-Belwa Local Government Area.

The lawmaker, who spoke against the backdrop of the move by the state House of Assembly to impeach Nyako, said he was not surprised by the turn of events.

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He recalled that many people in the state had “misgivings” about Nyako at the time, adding that they “did not trust Nyako.”

However, he disclosed that due to Jibrin’s pleas and his explanations that the state needed someone with Nyako’s “background and experience,” the elders moved around to canvass support for him.

“Prof. Jibrin took us to Obasanjo; I was one of those who didn’t trust him (Nyako).

“But, he convinced us and we went to Obasanjo to ask him to accept the governor,” he added.

He claimed that the governor’s problem was that immediately he assumed office, Nyako allegedly started fighting the same people, who made him governor.

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He also stated that the governor was not accountable and did not “respect the principles of budgeting.”

“You cannot fault what the House of Assembly is doing because they are on the path of law,” Fons maintained.

He used himself as an example of how Nyako “disregarded” those who brought him to power, saying that the governor once stopped him from becoming a local government chairman.

He recalled how a few months after Nyako became governor, he (Fons) won the primary of his local government chairmanship election, only for Nyako to insist that the ticket should be given to a rival, who came secAs for Jibrin, the lawmaker claimed that Nyako ensured that they became sworn enemies.

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  1. Frank Momoh Eruaga   July 14, 2014 at 10:54 pm

    so u made governor or exgovernor nayko and u didnt gain money or contract from him? you are lucky because EFFC would or may ask you show to tell them your involvement with the thief nayko.


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