The real motive for my suspension – Godwin Adenomo

The problem a member of the All Progressives Congress is currently facing in his own political party in Edo State is an indication that you don't need to belong to opposition party to be squashed by political godfathers.

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The problem a member of the All Progressives Congress is currently facing in his own political party in Edo State is an indication that you don’t need to belong to opposition party to be squashed by political godfathers.

Edo State House of Assembly
Edo State House of Assembly

A member of the Edo State House of Assembly, Mr. Godwin Adenomo representing Ovia South-West has continued to struggle despite the court judgement on Dec. 10, 2017, that sacked Mr. Sunday Aghedo and ordered the replacement with Adenomo.

Information gathered by NAIJA CENTER NEWS revealed that Adenomo was advised by the former governor of Edo State, Adams Oshiomhole to allow the party compensate him with a political appointment in order to forgone his court’s plan, an offer he refused.

Adenomo had petitioned the house through his lawyer, Mr Kingsley Obamogie, alleging refusal by the Assembly to pay his entitlements as directed by the Supreme Court in its judgment, which ordered his swearing-in as a member.

It held that Adenomo was the duly elected candidate of APC in the assembly’s election in 2015.

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The lawmaker had been attending meetings like his mates and had not been paid his entitlements but was suspended for not using the proper channel to resolve the crisis.

A committee constituted to look into the problem, which was headed by  Mr Victor Asein (APC – Owan West) recommended on Wednesday that Adenomo be suspended for deliberately refusing to honour its invitation.

He told the house that Adenomo did not explore the proper channel in line with the Assembly’s rules in pursuing his case. Asein said that the lawmaker’s action was political and a deliberate attempt to malign and bring the house to disrepute.

A source privy to the situation disclosed to NAIJA CENTER NEWS that Oshiomhole is responsible for the lawmaker’s travail. The source added that the former governor is feeling slighted and defeated and would do everything possible to make sure Adenomo suffers for his disobedience.

“These people are dragging politics too far. They suspended him because Adenomo asked his lawyer to write them. The lawyer wrote them yesterday which was read to the house.  The man refused to accept Oshiomhole’s intervention while he was in court, Oshiomhole said he should not pursue the court case further that they would rather give him an appointment and he should allow the guy who the court unseated to continue. Adenomo said no because even Oshiomhole got his governorship from the court, so he decided to fight and got a victory from the Supreme court.

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“Oshiohole felt slighted that Adenomo got the victory; with all the money and politics they tried to bring in, the Supreme court upturned them and gave victory to the man, so they are now trying to kill his spirit. It is not done by anyone else but Oshiomhole. Shaibu, Osarodion Ogie and others are following Oshiomhole’s instruction. The anger is that Adenomo defeated their boss, it’s not Aghedo that Adenomo defeated, he defeated Oshiomhole.

“The lawmaker’s punishment for defying the instruction of the godfather is to make sure he doesn’t get a penny throughout his tenure. The rule of the house is that if you do not get your entitlement in the previous house, you cannot make claim in the next assembly.”

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Adenomo who reacted while talking with NAIJA CENTER NEWS on Thursday described his suspension as illegal, uncalled for, and a slap on democracy.

Explaining why they are after him, the lawmaker said: “Real motive can only be described as pure wickedness on the part of some who think they can play God, some people could not let go the defeat they suffered in the field and eventually the courts”

Adenomo may return to court to order the House to obey the court judgement and squash his suspension.


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  1. Isaac   May 17, 2018 at 6:27 pm

    This short man ex gov.preaches what he does not practice.He became what he is through court, fought god fatherism at least to a laudable point; why his double play at this crucial moment is between life and death. He should soft pedal cos a lot got to be asked about his tenure.My father use to warn us then “Beware of short people, they need to compensate their height by all means,try not to be their victim” I blame those that consider him relevant, when his loot is write about. Adenomo should go to court to get what is due you.


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