Sudanese mother, Meriam Ibrahim faces 7 years in jail for trying to flee country

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Meriam Ibrahim faces up to seven years in jail over new offences levelled at her by the Sudanese regime, MailOnline revealed on Thursday.

The mother-of-two was told the devastating news after being detained as she tried to fly out of the African country hours after a death sentence against her was dropped.

Dr Ibrahim, 27, was charged with obtaining a false travel document and giving false information to immigration officials – and banned from leaving Sudan.

The move is another twist of the knife as Dr Ibrahim tries to get to America with her two children where she can live with her husband Daniel Wani, a US citizen, from Manchester, New Hampshire.

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Instead she is back in a cell with her son Martin, 21, and daughter Maya, one month.

Mr Wani is also locked up with them at the Al Sheradee police station in Khartoum after being confronted at Khartoum airport by 40 agents of the feared National Intelligence and Security Services.

It is believed they were trying to travel to Washington DC and Sudanes media have claimed that the US vice consul was with the family at the airport.

Mr Wani told AFP: “We are worried. That’s why we want to get out of here as soon as possible.”

Dr Ibrahim’s lawyer Shareif Ali Shareif told MailOnline: ‘The authorities do not have the right to hold her. They appear not to want to let her leave Sudan. They are restricting her movements.

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“Her husband Daniel and the children are with her in the same cell. Any reports suggesting she has been released are wrong. We need to highlight her plight.”

A diplomatic row has now erupted and the Sudanese Foreign Ministry has summoned the American and South Sudanese ambassadors to explain themselves.

Dr Ibrahim had been granted emergency travel documents by the government of South Sudan to travel there and then on to the US.

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