U.S. announces disappearance of small aircraft off Gabonese coast

The press department of the U.S. Embassy in Gabon on Thursday announced the disappearance of a Beechcraft 1900 airplane during a tempest. (storm)

The plane disappeared without any trace, the embassy said.
The plane, put at the disposal of the Bongolo medical aviation in the Ngounie region in Central Gabon, was usually piloted by 40-year-old American Stephen Straw between Bongolo and Libreville.

The Bongolo district hospital is one of Gabon’s health facilities often frequented by the local population.

The hospital which was built by American missionaries in the 1930s provides special health care to local population by doctors from the U.S.

In addition to the health care they provide, the American doctors voluntarily train young Gabonese willing to pursue professional careers in the health sector.


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